janmashtmi The festival of love and devotion

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WhY We celebrate Janmashtami

Janmastami is the most important festival celebretad at ISKCON Pune. People from all over city arrive at ISKCON NVCC Temlple to take darshan.

The Supreme Lord Sri Krishna appeared on the earth 5200 years ago. His appearance in this world is remembered & celebrated as Janmashtami festival.

At ISKCON NVCC we celebrate this festival with devotion & great pomp. The temple has scheduled many devotional and cultural activities throughout the day, like special darshans, abhishek, discourse, cultural activities like dance, drama, kids activities, special prasadam for all visitors etc.

Last year more than one lakh visitors came to temple during Janmashtami festivals. We invite you to come at temple and be a part of it.

By donating for the festival you can also get a chance to personally bathe Sri Radha Krishna,

Spiritual blessings await you & your family by sponsoring the Kalash & participating in bathing ceremony of Lord Sri Krishna.

One who builds a beautiful temple for Lord Sri Vishnu will be freed from all sinful reactions and he will enter the Vaikuntha planets 

Narasimha Purana.

On building a Temple of Sri Madhava one can attain the eternal Vaikunthaloka. 


Vamana Purana

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Festival At a glance

Special Darshans

Take blessings of Radha Krishna

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Stalls. Something for everyone.

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Kilogram grocery used to make ​prasadam for festival

Cultural festival

Special programs for you.

Grand Abhishek

be fortuate to witness this event

How can I contribute

We have something for everyone. Participate in festival to receive unlimited mercy.

Contribute your time

Feel soothed by divine experience of melodious kirtans sung with love and devotion in temple.

Contribute a donation

Behold the beauty of divine form of God, get unlimited blessings and answer to prayers.

Inspire your family and friends to contribute

Behold the beauty of divine form of God, get unlimited blessings and answer to prayers.

Attend the festival and receive the blessings

Get the blessings of Venkateshwara Balaji, in his traditional Dravidian architecture temple.

Janmashtami Fundraising Marathon

This year janmashtami falls on 11 August 2020. As per tradition the donations given by you for Janmashtami will help in celebration of festival and also support temple activities and various welfare schemes run throughout the year. 

Need help in donation or have a query?

If you want to know other ways you can contribute or volunteer, or have questions about your donation, or any other query, feel free to contact us between 10:00 am to 5:00 PM everyday except on Sunday and festivals. We will be glad to assist you.