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Get blessings of Sri Krishna for your forefathers and yourself by sponsoring Brahman Bhojan for sadhus. 

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Significance of Pitru Paksha

Get blessings of Sri Krishna for your forefathers and yourself by sponsoring Brahman Bhojan for sadhus.

पिता ददाति सत्पुत्रान् गोधनानि पितामह: ।
धनदाता भवेत्सोपि यस्तस्य प्रपितामह: ।।
दद्याद्विपुलमन्नाद्यं वृद्धस्तु प्रपितामह: ।
तृप्ता: श्राद्धेन ते सर्वे दत्वा पुत्रस्य वांछितं ।।

By doing the shraddha/paksha, father will bless you with satputraas (good yogya children). Your Pitamaha, i.e., grand father will bless you with go-dhana (cow-wealth), Prapitamaha (Great grand father) will bless with property and wealth. They also bless us with Food, shelter, wealth, grains, etc.

Pitru Paksha is the “Pitru Yajna” performed to discharge Pitru Rina, an important duty performed for the departed ancestors souls during this fortnight, by which they remain satisfied for the entire year.

Shraddha in Pitru Paksha is the time to remember, thank and honor our ancestors. It is believed that during this time, ancestors come to earth to bless their kin.

Countless Blessings

By contributing for sadhus who have dedicated their life for living by pure spiritual principles and for helping others, we are sure to get countless blessings of Sri Sri Radha Krishna.

Gifts and Recognition

A small token of appreciation in form of giving you back. Receive the blessings and spiritual gifts with a grateful heart.

Tax Exemption

All donations made to ISKCON Pune are eligible for Tax Exemption under Section 80(G)

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All the donations ar utilised to support temple activities, festivals aand various welfare schemes run for society throughout the year

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